Monday, October 12, 2009

The Trinity of Internet Selling

There are three basic forms of selling online. Multi-level marketing, e-commerce and affiliate marketing!

Multi-level marketing is where a matrix of members has to be formed beneath you in order to make money! It involves recruiting people and very often requires buying products. Many of these company's make there money of required purchases by the sales force for there own use. Some of them do not even have a tangible product. They sell to Tom who sells to Harry and Joan who sign up Megan, Phyllis, George and Juan and so on. These no product schemes are designed for the creators to make money and for everyone on down the line to fail. Which they almost always do after making enough teaser money to build there downlines to profit the top tier. Unless you are a super seller, and and enjoy constant recruiting, stay away from MLM.

E-commerce is the traditional way of selling a product or many products. It can range from a mega site like Office Depot or Amazon, to auction sales like Ebay or little niche sites that sell specialty products. The competiton is fierce and a fairly large investment of time and money is usually required to start up an e commerce site that will be successful. If you have a strong computer sales background and products to sell and some good working capitol this may be the way for you.

On this site our focus is mainly on affiliate marketing. This is where companies pay you commission for selling their products or getting eyeballs to their ads. This type of selling requires little investment but a lot of marketing education. What you are doing is competing for peoples attention and getting them to buy something. The area in which you are selling is a referred to as a niche market. For example it you have a website that is all about lizards you must assume that your readers are all about lizards, so, this would not be a place to sell cosmetics. However if your site was about skincare, cosmetics might be a good fit. There is a great ebook called Affiliate Blueprint where the basics of this form of selling are clearly defined and easy to learn. You can grab your copy here for about five bucks.

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