Sunday, October 11, 2009

Offer Value! Gain Trust!

You have created a website, a blog, have written articles that point to your site and have joined many forums and groups to get the attention of people with a common interest! Most important of all you have traffic to your site! But the one thing missing is the reason for your being out there! Sales! Why are there no sales? Because your reason for being out there is sales when it should be service! People can sense your purpose! Just like the hardware store in town that continues to thrive even though the Big Orange Box opened up on the highway. Joe remembers the time the owner stayed late to sell him some seed because rain was due the next morning! Susan never forgot the advice she got for preventing those black spots that ruined her tomatoes the year before. The owner always had free coffee for anyone who came in just to chat! He became a valuable member of the community! The internet is no different! It is also a community. People appreciate good advice and an occasional free gift. They are reluctant to just buy something from someone they don't know! You can send out. You need to gain their trust before you try to sell them something!

Please read this book on the value of giving something away. No this book is not free but it is not my book! If it were it would be free! But it is a great value at a few bucks! Please read it! You will be glad you did! It is called Give Away Secrets!

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